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How To Heal A Foot Ulcer Fast!
I didn't want to lose my leg to Diabetes, all my sores are healed now and I can walk again, my family and I owe you so much. I had already been through many doctors and specialist, infact I was starting to give up, but glad we got the Himalayan wild ransom and Zoretol spray
 Calcutta India, 2015
When Nothing Else has Worked!
"My sister was facing a leg amputation at 60yrs old and we didnt know what to do, her leg was completely black we had tried everything, then we found you online, the shipping was on time and the products, and advice has helped her keep her leg, we are very happy and have told all our friends."
Mrs  V.Hervy
AbilineTexas 2015
Diabetes is Killing you:What one Woman decided to Do.
"We were so happy to get the circulation oil, my wife was in so much pain, as soon as I applied the circulation oil she felt much better right away!
Thank you Bobby Nelson"
Atlanta 2015
How To Fight a Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Win!
You Can Beat It
Keep Your Feet , Toes and legs from a unnecessary Diabetic Foot Amputation.
"We are so very happy to have found Zoretol , my father feet are doing very well, even the wound care nurse is so surprised".
Thank you Ana Predag
Romania 2015
Do you have a Gangrene Toe, or Diabetic foot ulcer that won't heal No matter what you have tried?
My dear brother Antonio
All your products arrived and I already start using it. Doctors said I will be blind soon but...
 I could lose my legs in 2006 
but i started using the Himalayan wild Ransom and zoretol, today I still walk on both legs So I hope, using the Eye fitness plus for my eyes, that I will look this wonderful world with my both eyes. In this moment I'm in your hands and the hands of the Great Architect. This weekend we will move on our boat and we will sail on Serbia river until I can see. Surgery on my eyes will be in August. 
Porodica Bascarevic 6-30-2015 Belgrade
Read This or Die
Doctor's Will chop you up piece by piece, it started with my mum toe's, then her legs then her other leg, I watch it happen to my mother, we had tried so many things and nothing worked, when my father Start having foot sores we got started right away, what a huge difference it made
Andre Segu, Sevilla Spain 6-3-09
 You have tried creams, ointments, pills and dieting but your foot ulcers are not healing and in fact are getting worse , then you hear the dreaded words from your doctor, 
we have to amputate, right? First it starts with cutting your toes, then the doctor sends you to a wound care nurse who comes and changes your bandages and put iodine on your wounds, still your foot ulcers are getting bigger, the skin is turning black, the wounds smell with puss. The next amputation will be up to your knee, and Finally to your thigh.
Think for a Minute
 You need to do Something Different, Right?
Full Money Back Guarantee if you don't see or feel any Improvement.
Get your 
Blood Flow & Circulation going!
 Diabetic Foot Ulcers, and Gangrene Toe is a results of poor blood flow and circulation.
Once Blood flow & Circulation are restored, 
Foot sores heal quickly!
Before: A 3yr old Diabetic Foot
Before: A 3yr old Diabetic Foot
Open Diabetic Foot swollen with puss, and Inflamed. This person could not walk without Pain for 3 years
After: Finally Closed, we are so Happy
Notice no Inflammation, swelling or puss. This wound closed and the customer was able to walk without pain. Blood flow and Circulation was the key. Senchi River Circulation Restorative & Himalayan Wild Ransom
After: Finally Closed, we are so Happy

If you don't See, or Feel
any Improvement, we will gladly give you your money back! No Questions Asked
       Free Shipping In The U.S
In Fact if you just need a second opinion about a Diabetic Foot Ulcer, or Some one you know is facing a Foot Amputation, give us a call,its Free!  707-428-0738
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Diabetes is Killing You: What one lady decided to do about it.
A Photo of My Fathers Diabetic Foot  Before and After.
Even the Doctor was surprised
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Before: My Fathers Diabetic foot infected for 3 years and would not heal, now facing a toe amputation.
Before: My Fathers Diabetic foot infected for 3 years and would not heal, now facing a toe amputation.
My Father had already lost his left foot before we found the Himalayan wild ransom and Zoretol Bacteria Fighter. We had tried everything, I was afraid, that he would lose both legs
After: My fathers Diabetic foot finally healed, we are so thankful.
I wish we had found you earlier, Now he is able to walk and enjoy his life with the grand children. Thank you so much, we owe you so much. The Himalayan Wild Ransom is truly a blessing I'm telling all my friends and family. We have finally found something that works after so many disappointing products. I can't find the words to say how much our family is so thankful our father is alive and doing well, because of the Himalayan Wild Ransom and Zoretol bacteria fighter. M.Gomez Los Angels 6-14-2014
After: My fathers Diabetic foot finally healed, we are so thankful.
Diabetic Foot Ulcer Myths you should stop believing.
Doctor's Confess:
Hyperbaric chamber, Angioplasty, Creams and Surgery are all temporary and do not work to provide long term blood flow and circulation. If your blood vessels are restricted, damaged or narrow, your circulation and blood flow won't reach your feet, toes and legs, hence your diabetic foot or gangrene toe will not heal and you will face a foot amputation in the future. 
But you don't have too! You need your blood vessels to open, and expand to allow blood to flow to your feet, toes and legs naturally, this is how you close a open foot ulcer finally once and for all, and we can help you do that!
Did you Know 
Himalayan Wild Ransom grows every 2-3 years and is considered Rare and Highly Prized for it's ability to promote Blood Flow & Circulation Naturally. 
The Benefit to You: Himalayan Wild Ransom causes restricted blood vessels to open and allow life giving blood to flow to your feet, toes and legs naturally
without costly medication or surgery.
Did you Know Foot Amputation is at a all time High. Foot amputation is a temporary solution, if the Doctor wants to amputate your left leg, do you think he has a solution for your right leg? In case you don't get it,  the answer is no!
This is a alternative method that is giving people hope and good results
This lady was so happy with the results,
she was able to keep her foot.
Before Diabetic Gangrene  Foot Ulcer
Before Diabetic Gangrene Foot Ulcer
A Slow healing Diabetic Gangrene Foot wound. This person had been suffering for the last 3 yrs, fearing foot amputation was the only option.
After. This family was so happy
Diabetic Gangrene foot wound completely healed. Blood Flow and Circulation was the key. Senchi River Circulation Restorative and Himalayan wild ransom combination
After. This family was so happy

"Rare and Highly Prized"
Himalayan wild Ransom opens narrow and restricted blood vessels by causing blood vessels to relax and expand naturally, allowing oxygen rich blood to pass and flow to your feet toes and legs. Blood Flow & Circulation to your lower limbs is very important in finally solving your foot ulcers problems. Try it!
 Full Money Back Guarantee!
Check out our Results
  Lower your blood sugar level, 
close open Gangrene foot wounds,
 Improve your blood flow & Circulation.
 Help you get back to living.
Get Started today.
Before: Diabetic Gangrene Leg Ulcers
Before: Diabetic Gangrene Leg Ulcers
A open Diabetic Gangrene leg ulcer with puss, and dead tissue. After many visit to the Hospital ,This person was facing a leg a amputation up to the knee. They were discouraged and tired of having a Diabetic leg ulcer.
After: Blood Flow & Circulation was the Key.
This leg Ulcer completely healed after 47 days with the Senchi River Circulation Restorative, Himalayan wild ransom and Zoretol bacteria fighter combo. This family was very happy.
After: Blood Flow & Circulation was the Key.
Get The Help You Need Today,
Call and Get started
 Call 707-428-0738
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How my grandfather avoided Gangrene amputation naturally
Testimony from a young teen about her grandfather avoiding amputation through natural herbs and remedies.
Sandy Halls Amazing Testimony
I Almost lost 3 of my Fingers
Before: Lupus Hands with Gangrene fingers due to poor circulation facing 3 finger amputation.
Before: Lupus Hands with Gangrene fingers due to poor circulation facing 3 finger amputation.
Below Read my Amazing Testimony
 Sandy Halls Testimony
Enclosed you will find a disc containing pictures of my hand and the effect that the Himalayan wild ransom Herbal and the Senchi River circulation restorative had in helping to heal my hand. My name is Sand Hall and I have Lupus. I was diagnosed with Lupus in the year 2000 .The type of Lupus that I have not only affects my circulation by causing blood clots it also affected my kidney at one time. In 2006, I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my left hand causing my circulation to shut down and the end result was the amputation of the tip of my left index finger. When this occurred I was not on any medication except for cummadin. I would also like to add, the doctors could never prove there was a blood clot in my left. In 2008, I went into the hospital again with a circulation problem and at this time I was diagnosed with vasculitis. Vasculitis is a shrinking of the blood vessels and veins in various parts of the body, mainly in your hands and feet. This in turn could cause gangrene. My rheumatologist decided to have me go through chemo treatments(cytoxin) and I was informed that I would have to do this once a month for 6 months to a year. The hand specialist's
diagnosis after seeing me was that I had gangrene in my left hand,
blood clots in my left wrist and I was informed that the small finger,
ring finger, and middle finger on my left hand had to be amputated.
Needless to say I was furious, scared and most of all, mad. My husband went on line and between the two of us we not only found your web site bought the Himalayan wild ransom Herbal and the Senchi River Circulation restorative. I ordered the products and within 7 days I saw a dramatic improvement. Within 2 months my hand was completely healed. While I was drinking the tea, my rheumatologist and hand doctor did not want me drinking the tea.My husband also found out that when treating vasculitis you can treat it two ways. One way is with azathioprine and the other is with chemo therapy treatment. I decided against my doctor's wishes to stop the chemo treatment after the second session. In the case of vasculitis, you can treat this in two ways, mild cases and extreme cases. Mild cases would be like my hand, extreme cases would be the attacking of your internal organs. My doctor not only took the
extreme route by using chemo therapy when I have been treated
before with azathioprine and with great success. My point is this, I
started using the wild ransom tea and by my own choice and against
my doctors wishes have not only saved my hand but have proven
how great this product is.I have changed doctors not only my rheumatologist but my hand doctor as well and have found two doctors who are more open minded about treatments for their patients. I just wanted to tell you my story and have you see the pictures for yourself and proof of how well your product works. I will try to sum it up at this:
My name is Sandy Hall and I have Lupus. The Himalayan wild
ransom Herbal & Senchi River Circulation restorative not only
save my left made hand from having three fingers amputated but
 me a firm believer in your product. Himalayan wild ransom Herbal
does not affect any medication that I am taking and I would highly recommend these products for anyone who has poor circulation in
your fingers, Lupus or any open wounds and sores, and for anyone
who has any type of circulation problems.
Sandy Hall, Antioch IL 10-2-2008
Testimony from A satisfied customer from England
Dear Sir, I desperately need your help. I'm on insulin twice a day,and I have kidney failure. I go three times a week for dialysis, at the moment I'm on antibiotics through a I.V and have had my little toe removed. Doctors want to amputate my legs, please can you help me. 
R. Solanki Liverpool England 10-25-2013
Update: Dear Sir I have been taking the Himalayan wild ransom 3 capsules 3 times a day as you recommended, and using the
Zoretol Bacteria fighter. I'm pleased to say that the results are good,and my wounds on my Diabetic foot have completely healed, and my circulation is greatly improved. The Doctors said amputation is not necessary now. 
R. Solanki 1-3 2014 Liverpool England
Great Testimony from A satisfied
Customer In Serbia
"I Must admit as first my sister and I were very skeptical. We had already been to so many Doctors and Hospitals we thought well if a trained Doctor could not save my moms Diabetic foot why should we believe you. But my sister said what do we have to lose, since moms wounds were getting worse. My sister talked me into it. Almost right away in a week we saw a change in the wounds.It took almost 2 months. Thank God for my sister our mom was able to lose only one toe instead of her whole leg to Gangrene" 
Anna Predrag Serbia Montenegro 5-12-2011
 That's why it is so important to get started today,as fast as you can,every minute counts.
*Free Shipping in the U.S*
My Story
My Mother had Diabetes and High blood pressure for years. We never thought she would end up with both her legs amputated up to the thigh. She kept going back to the doctor, and every time he gave her a new medication, but her wounds didn't get any better. We took her to 3 different wound specialist that just cleaned the wounds and kept them bandaged. Well her toe was amputated first, after that her leg was amputated to the knee. My sister and I didn't know what to do. Finally the doctor called us in and told us he would have to amputate her other leg up to the knee. We watched our mother get chopped up until there was nothing left to cut. So if you are sitting there going from hospital to hospital with the same open wounds, just hoping everything will be alright, let me tell you it won't, and you will live in regret the rest of your life. We come from a wealthy family, all our money didn't save our mother legs, what makes you different. My point is give other alternatives a try, if what you are currently doing is not working. These products worked good for a friend of ours and her husband, but we found them too late.
Tosha Hamilton  London England, 5-13-2012
If you are not 100% Satisfied simply return
the unused portion for a full refund.
My Feet Started Turning Black
My feet started turning black. I could not walk ,or go to church. I was very frustrated. I found your Products almost 9 yrs ago. I'am happy to say I didn't have to have a amputation and I have told all my friends.The Himalayan wild ransom really works.
 Vera Muller  10-11-1999
Dear Sirs, I am a diabetic for 35 years and I start to use your products 2006.That was a moment when I had a gas gangrene.I heal my leg 14 days after.I was using circulation oil and Himalayan wild ransom and never stop using that ( I still use it for protection)It is very hard to provide your products here in Serbia(our friend brings it to us ones a year in big quantities). Thank you
ALEKSANDAR BASCAREVIC Serbia Belgrade 2-13-2012
Sometimes I look at my patients with amazement, here you are already with one foot amputated, still going to the same Doctor taking the same medication after 5 years and your wounds have still not healed, and when your Doctor tells you there is nothing else he can do but amputate ,why you are surprised? A.L Senior Herbalist Healthy Habits Herbs
I was able to keep my Foot from Amputation
I first want to thank you so much for the success I have already had.  You and your products have been such help. I know I have a while longer to go but I have every confidence with your help and your wonderful products I will make a full recovery.  I lost my right leg and it was not half as bad as my left foot. I wish I knew about you and your products before that horrible painful loss. Anyway I know you now and I intend to save my left foot with yours and God's help. I feel like I know the both of you already. You are both so pleasant to talk to. 
Karen.Taylor Fayetteville Georgia 9-22-2011
I Almost Lost my Leg
I have been a diabetic for 10 yrs and lost a my toe.
The doctor wanted to amputate my leg. I work everyday and this was not an option. I found your products the Zoretol Bacteria Fighter , Senchi River Circulation Restorative and Himalayan Wild Ransom . I started using the Zoretol on my Diabetic foot. I sprayed the zoretol on a bandage and took 1 tablespoon of the Senchi River Circulation Restorative 4 times a day and went to work. Now I can say all my ulcers are closed and healed and I still have my job. 
Johnny Ray Watson Bestrop Texas 2-13-2010
A Photo of my Husbands 90 yr old mother
A Photo of my Husbands 90 yr old mother
My Mother in law Sophie Diabetic Foot . This is a testimonial letter for my mother in law Sophie she lives in a nursing home, she is a diabetic and has gangrene on her toe. Man! it looked terrible! as if birds pecked it open. This made me very sad! as all the nurses were doing for her was putting Neosporin on the toe no match for gangrene! so I searched the internet and found the Himalayan wild ransom and the Senchi River circulation restorative ordered a few bottles and my brother in law started her on it Well ! within a couple of days you could see the change happening! It took a few more weeks to form a hard scab I also ordered zoretol the spray this also helped considerably! all the nurses at the care home were amazed at how Senchi River Circulation restorative and zoretol worked she is feeling sooo! much better Sophie will stay on it for her circulation as the toe is healing all new pink skin has grown over everyone is happy especially her . Mom will be celebrating her 90th birthday Feb 1. 2011.Thank-you Senchi River Circulation Restorative you are a God sent And to your company for being there. Best regards Elizabeth Jan 29th Cudworth SK Canada. 1-29-2011
Thanks for The wonderful Products.
Dear Healthy Habits Herbs, How are you. Just to inform you that I have received the Products on time. And we have started, and can already see positive results in just a few days.Thanks for the Senchi River Circulation Restorative(as gift). It will help her a lot, God willing,there are thousands of Diabetic persons in Kuwait, maybe cause of Diet & lifestyle.The Hospitals are full with people with Diabetes sores and severe cases of feet & legs problems and Gangrene. I will definitely spread the info about your Products among people here.Wishing you more success & prosperity, May you keep helping suffering people always.Best Regards & God Bless, 
Thank you, Shams & family. Kuwait 9-12-2011
Call 707-428-0738
Why you should give us a Try!
Our Products are designed to promote blood flow and
circulation, while focusing on closing open hard to heal wounds. We have helped many people who Hospitals and Specialist have given up on, or people who had given up hope that there was a alternative solution. Other companies who sell gimmicks,
creams and vitamins have never had a love one with a foul smelly Gangrene wound or changed a bandaged of a person suffering from a diabetic foot sore, we have. Foot sores and leg ulcers have a much better chance to heal and finally close when blood flow and circulation are restored. Almost all the customers who purchase our products end up buying the products at least 3-4 times again before they tell a friend, the
reason is simple ,its because they are getting positive results,we are so proud of that fact.  
Before: This is a picture of my Diabetic Foot facing Amputation
My feet started turning black with puss, and open sores. I was very scared my family depends on my job, and it had already been 2yrs with no improvement. I could not lose my job, I had to find something that worked.
Before: This is a picture of my Diabetic Foot facing Amputation
After: Look how my foot now has  color because it is getting  blood flow and Circulation.  Puss and oozing is gone. I was  able to keep my Job.   Naranyan Chrisnamurthy  Dubai, U.A.E 3-12-2012
After: Look how my foot now has color because it is getting blood flow and Circulation. Puss and oozing is gone. I was able to keep my Job. Naranyan Chrisnamurthy Dubai, U.A.E 3-12-2012
Healthy Habits Herbs
The previous attached mail you can see the different position of my left feet Foot ulcer is gone and every part is healed.oozing is totally gone. My ESR level is below 50 and my C reactive protein is 3 now which was touching above 100 few months back. After almost 2 years of struggle which went up to to the level of a possible amputation. The internal treatment adopted was wild ransom Himalayan herbal  twice a day. Which opened the blocked nerves,few months of zoretal bacterial and daily use of your limb saver oil externally.   All these were religiously done with the help of my wife and now it is almost gone.Unbelievable,but faith in herbal products and the creators (God) inventions of natural remedies can make wonders if it is taken seriously.  No pain no gain.Now I am able wear my shoes and a lead a normal life and want to help those who are suffering from diabetic foot ulcer.  Still I will continue to use Ransom Tea to ensure oxygen and blood flow to my nerves and feet are complete. Only the finger (hammer toe) next to big toe I will take the help of limb saver oil and other medicated oil to straighten up.  Naranyan Chrisnamurthy Dubai, U.A.E3-12-2012
You don't have to be another Diabetic
Amputation Statistic
Solve your Diabetic sores, Gangrene Toe ,
Leg Ulcer Problems Today.
"I Marvel that society would pay a surgeon
a fortune to Remove a person's leg-
but nothing to save it"
George Bernard Shaw
If you are not 100% Satisfied simply
return the unused portion for a full refund.
Too Old for Toe Surgery
Too Old for Toe Surgery
Doctors told me that I was too old for surgery, and that the Diabetes sores on my toe was spreading and they wanted to amputate. I tried everything I could until I found the Senchi River Circulation Restorative and Himalayan wild ransom , plus the Zoretol Gangrene Bacteria fighter made a big difference in my diabetic gangrene toe treatment and recovery. Now after 4 months I am able to play with my grandchildren again. J.Travis 9-12-2007
Money Back Guarantee 
if you are not Satisfied.
Amputation does very little to stop the underlying cause of diabetic gangrene that is, the nutrients and Oxygen are not reaching the infected tissue due to impaired or restricted blood circulation to your foot. 
*Free Shipping in the U.S.
 You need your blood vessels to open and expand
 and allow life giving oxygen rich blood to flow
 to Feet.Toes & Legs.
Doctors Thought my entire Stomach would Rot out. I was taking over 17 different medication.
I was very discouraged, but I stayed on the Senchi River Circulation Restorative . My Stomach closed, and I didn't have to have a major stomach operation. My sugar level went down and Iam feeling much better for the first time in years. Donna Wies 2-14-2009
Compelling Benefits 
8 Reason why you should choose oproducts  
  • Improving blood circulation to all the tissues of the body,hence, delivering more vital, oxygen-rich and nutrient-dense
  •  blood, and germ-fighting white blood cells to the affected tissues in the limbs especially the feet and toes.
  • enhancing the body's utilization of oxygen (magnesium,
  • vitamin B2 , Vitamin C and amino acids)
  • overcoming peripheral vascular disease (a decrease in the blood supply) by improving and/or restoring the blood flow to the wound areas.
  • encouraging vasodilatation - widening (dilation) of the blood vessels naturally,causing the blood vessels to relax and expand.
  • promoting the body's ability to develop - new, small blood vessels in the problem areas.
  • reducing the dysfunction of endothelium - the innermost arterial lining by stimulating the body’s natural built-in,
  • internal free-radical scavenging system also wild ransom  contains nitric oxide(Vasodilation) which causes the inner artery liner to relax and expand naturally allowing blood to flow.
  • Helps stimulate the growth of tissue and new skin fighting off and/or preventing infection of the diabetic gangrenous tissues.
The Breakthrough That is Giving
 People Hope.
You need your blood vessels to open and
expand and allow life giving
oxygen rich blood to flow to dying tissue.
Your family, children and friends
 are counting on you to make a good decision.
Get Started Today!
Relax we can Help!
 Proven Results. High Success Rate
Only you can make the choice to
get back to living!
Diabetic Foot Products sent to China
Diabetic Foot Products sent to China
Thank you for helping my father. He lives in China, and I live in Ghana West Africa. We didn't know how to get him this incredible Diabetic gangrene foot treatment. We had read so much about it. When we called DHL it was too expensive to send, we ask zina your office manager she was so helpful. She found us a cheaper way to send the Products to my father it took exactly 5-7 days as she said. It was just nice to have people do what they say they will do. Every month we send him his Himalayan wild Ransom Tea. The open wounds have healed really well! Thank you. Afua cho Indonesia 3-17-08

Real Life Testimony:
I bought the products for my grandmother before she passed away.The head nurse at the nursing home was very reluctant to help me to administer the product, as well as the doctor there.Finally, they agreed to apply the oil and give her the tea twice a day. The diabetic gangrene treatment worked for her in a highly visible way in a few days. The doctor decided not to amputate her leg up to the knee, instead he amputated one toe. My grandmother was very happy about that. The product seemed to work, but the head nurse got fired from her job and stole the product from my Grandmother at the nursing home. I am  going to try it now on myself. If all goes well,I am going to become a distributor in Baton Rouge, La. I am going to start with my tea tomorrow morning, and will use the extract as soon as it comes in. I am a prolific writer of the English language,and I will one day be writing about a wonderful experience that I too have had using your products. I know people in my area that is suffering right now, including my mother with Diabetes and circulation problems in her legs. Also two pastors of the churches and others. I am going to use myself as a human Guinea pig now.
 Dr. B.G Love Baton Rouge LA 1-23-2009
Our Commitment to you.
“The level of service at Healthy Habits Herbs is fantastic.Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
For Order Barbados, Tortilla, St Vincent, St Thomas and St Croix
 Please Call Mr Graffton Griffith 340-778-1397
Caution: Not recommend for Pregnant women and children. Side effect may include slight burning sensation that only last for a few seconds due to open wounds and exposed nerves.This statement has not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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