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Antonio & Vera at a International Conference
Antonio & Vera at a International Conference
Fourteen years ago we were complete strangers we never thought we would end up spending our lives together helping people with Diabetic foot and toe wounds all over the world.

 Me and Mr.B a great friend and mentor. our goal is to help as many people as we can avoid a Diabetic Foot ulcer, and Gangrene leg.

How it all Started:
It was my freshman year in college, I asked my room mate where I could get some extra work to pay for my college tuition, he told me of a man at his church that could use a good helper. The following sunday I went to church with him and met a tall white gentleman with a wide brim cowboy hat,  pistol on his hip and black cowboys boots. Right away I could see this man was a hard working and very kind man, just the way he greeted me and shook my hand. I asked him what kind of work is he doing he said, he was a third generation Waterfall and Pond builder, he had been featured in all the top Garden Magazines, and he was a world renown expert.   He lived in the Utah hills on a 60 acre sod farm, with every kind of farming equipment you can imagine. Steve had 4 boys and all of them were expert in their own trades like paul, He was a expert in building rock walls, tom was a expert pond builder, and the other boys could use front end loaders, back hoes and you name it. Steve liked me right away because when he asked me to get a tool, I would take off in a run, he used to smile at my hustle. I was so happy to be working with this family, I did a lot of the grunge work, filling holes, digging, working knee deep in mud, learning how to use different equipment etc, but I was determined to show them I could and would work hard everyday, because they were very fare to me.  All of steves boys were bull riders so every friday after payday they would get paid and go ride bulls on the local rodeo circuit, these kids were tough as nails broken arms, legs fractures, cuts and bruises you name it , but the next week they go right back to the rodeo. Customers would call steve and ask him to come and repair their waterfalls and ponds, and clean them out, boy what a dirty job, and it stunk like you could not imagine, to me it was the smell of money. I asked steve for 2 years to let me clean the ponds and repair them for him, but he always gave it to one of the boys, and they hated it and didn't want to do it at all, they wanted to ride bulls. After 2 years, steve finally got frustrated with the boys he had about 6 pond cleaning and repair jobs that needed to get done, but the boys were all gone after they got their paychecks checks, he called me up and said do you want to learn how to repair and clean ponds, I said yes sir!  I tell you , if i had never learned how to repair and clean ponds I would have never known how the rich and super rich really live, I have been to homes that are so luxurious and splendid, you only see them in the movies or magazines,  I said to myself okay, finally i am being taught by a master himself, I was  a hard worker, went to work on time everyday, now Iam going to learn a trade, feeling pretty good about myself.  I didn't mind the pond scum at all I really enjoyed working with the local water garden society they taught me how to catch the fish and store them until we are finish cleaning the ponds or lakes, how to successfully reintroduce the fish back into its environment without killing it. I got to the point were steve would let me go on jobs all by myself. After another year steve began to teach me how to bid on commercial jobs and take a hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment with me and complete jobs in other states. Not bad for a kid who is 19yrs old with a house, new Ford 
F-250 and cash in your pocket. One day Steve called me and said, We are leaving Utah to go to Montana, he kicked  a box over to me with his cowboy boots and said here, I said what is this? he said, its a list of all my customers for the last 20 years, I just sat there in silence, he said do a good job for them, I know you will and with that he moved to Montana.  I found out later he left Utah because they passed a law that he could not keep his pistol on the front seat of his truck ,because he didn't believe in banks and carried a lot of cash.The first thing I did after Steve left was too establish a residential crew for our residential pond customers which were about 300 at the time, and I started bidding on commercial contract and winning them, I would always send Steve a check when I got large contracts. The company grew, and I decided to take some college business courses to be a better owner and manager, so I took a course offered by the small business women of the year her name was Pam. Pam said to me "how can you take your company to the next level ? you need more specialized training on waterfalls and ponds maintenance", so I said you are right, at that time my dream was to go to Italy the waterfall and water feature capital of the world and do my internship. It was very exciting time,  Pam helped me to find a company in Italy that would give me credit for my studies there. Feeling great, what a chance in life to really live my dream, so I went to see my mother I was so excited and pumped up, I said mom guess what I'm going to Italy to study, she said oh that is fine I could tell by the look on her face something was wrong, I said mom what's the matter she said , your father just passed away a few minutes ago. In short my dad was my best friend, he was so hard working he was the kind of man who thought if you slept pass 4:30am you were lazy. Now I had to postpone my trip to Italy I called them and told them to leave a space for me, they were really kind and helpful they told me when I was ready I could come anytime. I did all I could to comfort my mom, sisters and brother, but I was still determined to fulfill my dream, right before my father passed I called and asked him "hey dad do you think i'm doing the right thing going to Italy, these were the last words he spoke before he could not speak again, he said " Son do you know the difference between a boat and ship, I said No, he said the boats stays at the dock, but the ship sets sail, go and be happy. In some cultures when someone dies you have to inform all the family members about the death of that loved one,  for me it meant that I would be traveling to Ghana to inform my Dads family of my fathers death. I boarded the plane with a heavy heart, once i arrived in Ghana, i was met by all my fathers family, they were very kind and gracious to me, I meet cousins, uncle and aunts I never knew I had. The whole time I was there I was thinking about Italy. I was staying with a uncle who had a serious case of Diabetic foot ulcer and gangrene like nothing I have ever seen in my life. We all prayed for him, that it would get better, little did I know the universe would hear that prayer. I was coming home from the market, I was standing next to a man, who looked like he was from china or India and we started chatting while we waited on the bus. He over heard my conversation about my uncle diabetic foot sores, he took some green powder out of his pocket and said give this to him, I really didn't think much about it, I kept in my pocket for about 2 weeks until a small girl who was doing laundry asked me if I wanted to keep it, I said okay give it to me, then I said to my uncle , uncle a man gave me this he said it would help you,, by that time he is facing a full blown leg amputation, his feet are completely black, his wounds stink, and he cannot walk. All im thinking about is going back to the U.S then Italy to continue my business. After about 6 weeks my uncle walked into the house I was staying in, he was with 10 other people who I did not know, He said nephew can you get us more of that green powder, I said no! I didnt even know that man,  but his son was teaching at the local school, so we hunted down the teacher and I asked him can you please tell your father to call me, he said okay. After a few days his dad came by and gave me a large pack of the green powder, I paid him for it, I just wanted to leave and go back to the U.S so I can fly to Italy and live my dream. Okay, im feeling good today I'm finally leaving ghana, when I arrived in the U.S my mother was waiting for me, it was good to see her she has been through so much. On the way home she told me that the people in ghana had called her about the green powder and wanted some more, I said mom that green powder doesn't even grow in ghana, so please mom don't worry me about it. Well, after 2 days of my mom using her unhappy face on me I said okay mom, I will try to contact my friend his name is mahusadan, but I'm not sure he has anymore of the green powder, I called madhusudan and he said that the green powder only grows every 2-3 years because the place he gets it in India and Pakistan are fighting , but he would do his best because he is a Sherpa( a guide on the Himalayan mountains) I finally got a hold of mahusadan I said can you send me more of the green powder, I want to leave some for my mother , so when I travel her friends from church and the senior citizen home can have access to it, he agreed. I said mom i'm going to make a website so if people order, you can get them the green powder which I later understood to be the Rare and Highly prized Himalayan wild ransom. The day before i'm leaving the U.S to go to Italy i get a called from a lady named vera, she told me her feet were completely black and she needed to be able to go to church and help with her grand children and she could not lose her feet , no way!, I said to myself "leave me the hell alone, i'm going to italy" She bought the Himalayan wild ransom , then in a few month her feet turned back pink with new fresh pink skin, her blood flow and circulation was restored she called me very happy I said okay that is great, this old lady told almost everybody she ever knew, I had so many calls from people all over Canada, U.S, Mexico and Australia I ended up staying and processing order for people that lasted 3 years without a break. At all hours of the night my phone was ringing, I was talking to people from different counties all over the world.

Making My Bones: Paying my dues
When you start getting results from a disease like Diabetic foot ulcers, you would think everyone would be happy for you, but that is not true. There is a parable about a healer who heals 10 lepers, and only one returns to say thank you. I feel that with all my being, I have received calls from people who bought the products and disappear, and 5 or 10 years later call you and say , they are telling their friends about you, because their foot completely healed. You wonder in amazement because you haven't heard from them in years, and these people were all facing a foot amputation. Remember I didnt choose this, so im completely focus and thinking about people foot wounds.  I was completely unaware of the business side of things, the competitions, the fakes, phoney, liars and hustlers, and most sad the loss of people who you thought were your friends but
they just wanted to know your secrets, where you buy the herbs from, so called good friends who break into your store, house, also hospitals and doctors who use your product on there patients but want to know how you made it and if you don't tell them they threaten to stop buying it. What you learn is that some people are not kind, and could care less if you loss your foot, they want money! We made a choice not to sell out, I have been offered a lot of money, but the people who offer don't give a dam about diabetic foot ulcers, or to help people keep a foot. Its a wonderful feeling when your customers call you 15 years later and hear your voice on the phone, we didn't fold, we didn't go out of business in fact we got better.

Accepting your true calling:
I had to get away and get some rest for my brain, i was on a boat cruise to Mexico, my daughter told me I had a phone call, I took the call it was from a man in Scotland who had bought the Himalayan wild ransom 8 years before, he said how the himalayan wild ransom completely healed his foot wound and that he was calling to tell me about his friend he recommended our products too.
I Tried my best to get back to my dreams of working in Italy, but the constant phone calls, the cries from people who needed help, the testimonies from people who had reversed diabetic and gangrene toe. Slowly and over the years i began to release and accept, I became more humble since the herbs did not come from me but from the universe.  One day a young high school girl called me she sounded like she was about 17yrs old, she said i want to say thank you, because now my grand father toes are healing, now he can pay for my school fee's and not the hospital bills, I was so touched and started thinking well maybe there something good in this. Over the years we have literally received thousands of testimonies from people who found relief with the Himalayan wild ransom. There are thousands of miracles, from people with diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, kidney problems, digestion disorders and many more who have gotten great results and a healing. People who were facing full leg amputation that were able to keep there leg and lose only a toe, that is a victory. It has now been twenty years and we are so still excited to be apart of a group of true loving care givers who put your health above profits.
To the Senior Wound Consultant at Healthy Habits Herbs.
To the Senior Wound Consultant at Healthy Habits Herbs.
I first want to thank you so much for the success I have already had. You and your products have been such help. I know I have a while longer to go but I have every confidence with your help and your wonderful products I will make a full recovery. I lost my right leg and it was not half as bad as my left foot. I wish I knew about you and your products before that horrible painful loss. Anyway I know you now and I intend to save my left foot with yours and God's help. I feel like I know the both of you already. You are both so pleasant to talk to. Karen.Taylor Fayetteville Georgia 9-22-2011

The Biggest Fight of my Life:  
I was determined not to lose

My goal was always to help prevent unnecessary diabetic foot amputation, or any kind of foot wounds or sores that hurt people or families. That is how I started out thinking about people, I never ever thought about how much money I could make, When your mother, or uncles are losing a foot you don't think about money first, but how to help them. Over the years I have become friends with a number of very successful doctors from all over the world. I became friends with a doctor who specializes in Diabetic foot care. He had a very prosperous business in many countries, he would always give his customers chemical medication that were at time to toxic for the body, Later I found out he conducted more foot amputation than any other doctor in his state. At times we would disagree about the best way to save a person foot from amputation, he always talked about foot amputation with how much money he would make, and that it was more profitable to amputate a foot than try to save a foot. Most of my customers were hard working people, who really needed the husband or wife to work because they need money, and wanted to avoid a foot amputation because they have to take care of their families. In countries outside the U.S when we work we have to take care of our family and our wife or husband family as well, not just one person, so we need our feet to work so we can make money to provide.  Lo and behold one day my friend lets call him Doctor charles came into my store, I was so shocked because he could not walk, his feet were completely black, he had visible sores, with a terrible smell. I said hello Doc, what can I do for you today? he said I need to buy 4 bottles of your himalayan wild ransom, I said okay,  he said I have a serious leg ulcer and the hospital want to amputate my leg. I could not believe what I was hearing , after all these years of taking people's money and giving them drugs that didn't work, all the foot, toe and leg amputation you have done, you ask me for help! I said oh Hell No! I ain't giving you @#$it, he said don't worry I can pay you what ever you say, I said I don't want your money doc, tell you what, go and take the drugs you prescribed your patients all these years. The next day, I got a visit from a close friend, the town mayor and my uncle, they all asked me why I would not sell Dr Charles the himalayan wild ransom, I explained to them why, they begged me to forgive him, and I did. He fully recovered and became one of our best distributors until his death at 81 years old.

Most Frequently Asked Question:

1.Why doesn't the hospitals use the Himalayan wild ransom if its so good
 Answer: Hospitals consider alternative medicine to be competition, most Hospitals and Doctors don't believe in alternative medicines, they see very little profit in it because herbs grow naturally, and pharmaceutical companies don't see profits in dry herbs because they cant supply the demand, when they can make more money by making 
medicine in the laboratory instead of growing it naturally.
 2.What medical degree do you have
I always get a chuckle when folks ask this question, no I don't have a medical degree, I am a Herbalist and a Farmer. I just found something that works for people. The reason why I get a chuckle is because, i cant tell you how many people who have open foot sores, facing a serious foot amputation ask you about your medical degree. I always asked them how many specialist have you seen , they say oh! I have been to at least 3 specialist 3 different hospitals, and here is the kicker they are still taking the same medication for the last 5 yrs with the same results and still no improvement facing another foot amputation. The best question to ask is :" Does it work!

3.What is the hardest part of your job 
The hardest part for me is trying to break through to people that they don't have to suffer anymore. You see people in the grocery store,or on your job they look normal until they take off there shoes and socks and you will see some of the most horrendous foot wounds, people seems to lose there common sense, and just become mechanical. They go to the wound care nurse who only puts betadine on your wounds and keep them bandaged, year after year people look at the wound without ever thinking this is not working, then they are shocked and angry when the Doctor says he has to amputate your leg.

When I grew up there was a T.V show about a loving, caring doctor called Marcus Welby MD. In the show the doctor would come to your house and give you medicine with a little advice mixed with love, you can forget about that in todays society. Im not saying all doctors are no good, but one thing you have to never ever forget is that most doctors are financial broke, and heavily in debt. The have mortgages for their homes, office rent, employees and medical insurance cost, but here is the big whopper they own hundreds of thousands of dollars in school fee's. At times this burden does not allow them to give you the best advice but rather what operation to choose because they make more money doing operation and then selling you medicine, you don't know any better right?  because as soon as you see the doctors white coat, all your trouble is over he knows what best for you, people some how relinquish any common sense as to what your body is telling you rather than a instrument the doctor is using to tell you how to feel. Always remember no one can tell you how you feel, here is a example you go in to see the doctor he gives you a blood sugar test, he says test looks good, but still "YOU DON'T FEEL GOOD" listen to your body.

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