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How to Heal a  
Diabetic Foot Sore

How to Reverse a Foot Ulcer, and Promote Blood Flow & Circulation.
             Easy, Simple, Effective!

Safe, Powerful, and Gentle - delivering of Oxygen Rich Blood Flow & Circulation to Nourish Feet, Toes or fingers and Avoid a Unnecessary Future Foot Amputation.

Don't fool yourself looking for a easy cure, if you have Sores from diabetes, or cigarette smoking you need blood flow and circulation. Your black foot , or opens sores are because your blood vessels are so narrow and restricted that it is not allowing blood to flow, if your blood does not flow your tissue dies, so blood flow and circulation are life saving.
 We can help you get good circulation and blood flow or your money back! 

Excellent For Diabetic foot sores,  Gangrene and foot sores ,Foot Ulcers associated with Cigarette Smoking. Poor Circulation in your hands, Feet and Toes. We have helped thousands and will help you too!

"How I healed my Diabetic Foot Ulcer by Accident , and changed my life forever"
I smoked Cigarettes for 10 years and I have Diabetes
I smoked Cigarettes for 10 years and I have Diabetes
My Feet turned completely black from Diabetes and Cigarettes. Thank Allah for TRUVASO, it relieved the swelling in my legs, improved my circulation and I was able to keep my foot from a amputation
Before: My Feet Turning Black with Foot Sores, MY LEG IS SWOLLEN AND HURTS.
Before: My Feet Turning Black with Foot Sores, MY LEG IS SWOLLEN AND HURTS.
I'am so thankful for your help, and the shipping to Dubai, and to my brother in Saudi Arabia. Its hard to trust a company on the internet , but you have restored our faith, thank you for sending us the tracking number, allowing us to email you with our question ., I have told my friends .
May Allah bless you,
Muhammad. Dubai 2-13-2017

How to Avoid a Unnecessary foot Amputation, please tell yourself the truth, you know you have foot sores, gangrene and poor circulation. Once the doctor starts amputating your toe, your foot is next, and then your leg. Get Started!!! If you have diabetes, or smoke cigarettes(Truvaso will change your life) get started and remove the sugary foods, drinks, ice cream, cake, white bread and starchy foods from your diet, and get back to living. Stop being ashamed of your sores and wounds, do the best thing order today and get your circulation and blood flow going and finally get those hard to heal sores closed.

SORE COMPLETELY GONE. Blood flow & Circulation helped heal this foot sores and prevent a unnecessary foot amputation. I HAVE BEEN SMOKING CIGARETTES FOR MANY YEARS.
Dancing with my wife, and back to enjoying life
Dancing with my wife, and back to enjoying life
Dear Brother Antonio,
I wrote to you about my problem with my foot and again, thanks to your medicine, problem I had for 8 months, suddenly disappear in 3 weeks.
I am buying your Wild Ramsom products ( eye fitnes) supported by my friends or students, they buy it instead of me,last delivery was to Munich and than to Belgrade, to me.
Once more, I want to thank to you and I will send you new order soon.
All my friends, who used Wild Ramsom, solve the problems, thank you for them too. I will keep talk about you and Wild Ramsom, not just in Serbia, in Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia ,...too, wherever I have brothers.
Just to know, year ago, my student and me, make an order with more than usual tea and Senchi river, I now buy my orders in bulk for me and my friends to share.
In att. you will find some pictures of my foot, one month ago and today. In three weeks it looks like it never exist, but it was threaten to became a phlegmon.
My wife and me ( you will find us on picture in att.) sending you great greetings.
A. Baščarević Serbia 2-13-1017

 Your making a Good decision Today
Himalayan Wild Ransom causes restricted blood vessels to open and expand, allowing life giving oxygen rich blood to flow to your feet, toes and legs naturally without costly medication or surgery.

“The Unites States health system is in shambles and struggling to manage the growing burden of chronic disease, most notably type 2 diabetes that cause 
LOWER LIMB FOOT AMPUTATIONS, the fact that there are more than ,285,000 diabetes-related amputations in the United States every year as a result of diabetes underlines how critical this issue is, and why our passion and mission is too help people avoid a unnecessary foot amputation. People trust us, almost %80 of our customer come from word of mouth, from satisfied customers all over the world.
 Do you personally know anyone who Has gone to the hospital for a foot sore, poor circulation or diabetes related foot condition that ever got better??  They were completely healed? they were able to avoid a toe amputation or get back to work?? Because over the last 19 yrs we haven't.  Almost all of our customers come to us after spending a averaged of 5 yrs going to the same doctor, wound care nurse, expert or clinic, taking different medication and having different kinds of foot surgeries, but who are now FACING A FULL BLOWN FOOT OR LEG AMPUTATION.
Of persons with diabetes who have a lower Foot or Toe amputation, up to 55% will require amputation of the SECOND LEG within 2‐3 years.
Among those living with limb loss, the main causes are vascular disease (54%) – including diabetes and peripheral arterial disease, POOR BLOOD FLOW AND CIRCULATION.
To put that in perspective- today around 18 people will undergo a diabetes-related FOOT, TOE OR LEG Amputation.Tomorrow - 18 more amputations.

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Buerger Disease Natural Treatment
Buerger's Disease All Natural Treatment. Finally Good News!. Truvaso is Excellent for Cigarette Smokers who have poor circulation in the hands, feet and toes. Dramatically reduce leg swelling, Fingers...

The Current Treatment Option for Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Gangrene Toe are in effective at best and do more damage than Good, 
for  Example:

Doctor's will tell you they want to put a stent in your arm or leg.  A stent is inserted into the clogged artery with a balloon catheter. The balloon is inflated and the stent expands and locks in place. This holds the artery open and allows blood to flow more freely.

The Problem:Doctor's have to cut through healthy nerves and arteries to install the stent, so in the process of installing the stent healthy blood vessels and nerve are damaged, it works temporarily, most customers end up having circulation that is worse.

Doctor's want to use Angioplasty:
surgical repair or unblocking of a blood vessel, especially a coronary artery.

Problem:I have many wonderful friends who are Doctors and Vascular Surgeons, what they don't understand, is that they are using a surgical knife to cut through healthy veins and arteries, to surgically attach a new blood vessels that doesn't heal very well in the long run, in the end the customer are still facing a future foot or leg amputation. The doctor's point is that he/she are highly trained to perform this kind of surgery, yet again how can cutting my healthy veins and nerve's just to jump start my circulation is somehow good for me? 

Doctor's want to use Hyperbaric Chamber:
 is a medical treatment which enhances the body's natural healing process by inhalation of 100% oxygen in a total body chamber, where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled.Basically forces blood flow and circulation through your body. It has temporary effect, and yet in the end customers cant continue going to the hyperbaric chamber because of cost.

Next: are companies like Reverse Gangrene:
Who believe all you need is a mixture of Vitamin and Mineral thrown together and your circulation and blood flow will be fine.

Problem: Why pay $245.00 for vitamin and minerals you could easily buy online for much less? If only vitamin and mineral were the cure why so many foot and leg Amputation locally, Nationally and Globally?

How To Heal A Very Bad Foot Ulcer or Gangrene Toe associated with Cigarette Smoking & Diabetes.
Smokers with diabetes have higher risks for serious complications, including: Leg swelling, Poor blood flow in the legs and feet that can lead to infections, ulcers, and possible amputation (removal of a body part by surgery, such as toes or feet.
If you have diabetes along with cigarette smoking you need Truvaso. Diabetes is bad, but with cigarette smoking its even worse because cigarette nicotine causes blood vessel to swell and inflame, reducing blood flow and circulation leading to foot and finger amputation. Truvaso is a Super charge circulation booster and artery cleanser, dramatically reduce leg and vein swelling, promotes circulation and blood flow, excellent wound and sore healer. Helps prevent foot amputation, excellent success rate.

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You have options! 
You need your blood vessels to open and expand naturally, this will allow more Oxygen Rich blood flow and circulation to your feet, toes and legs.

We have been telling wound care nurses and customers for 18 yrs, and why we have a high success rate. its very important for wounds and sores to get fresh air daily. We ask customers to spray the zoretol bacteria fighter on sores, wounds and blisters to help disinfect and protect the wound while it "GET'S AIR, AIR IS VERY IMPORTANT IN THE HEALING PROCESS" 

Here Is What You Should Do For Your diabetic foot ulcers.

 Don't Suffer Another Day. Get Started Today! Tell Yourself the truth about your Foot Ulcer. Get Help Today! Call Us.

Before: Gangrene Leg Facing Amputation
Before: Gangrene Leg Facing Amputation
Read the full story below
After: Completely Healed
Read the full story below
After: Completely Healed

Diabetes is Killing You: What are you going to do about it?

 Full Money Back Guarantee!

Before Diabetic Gangrene  Foot Ulcer
Before Diabetic Gangrene Foot Ulcer
A Slow healing Diabetic Gangrene Foot wound. This person had been suffering for the last 3 yrs, fearing foot amputation was the only option.
After. This family was so happy
Diabetic Gangrene foot wound completely healed. Blood Flow and Circulation was the key. Senchi River Circulation Restorative and Himalayan wild ransom combination
After. This family was so happy

Give yourself a Fighting chance! 

You need your blood vessels to open and expand naturally, this will allow more blood flow and circulation to your feet, toes and legs.

Before: Fingers facing Amputation from Lupus and smoking cigarettes.
Before: Fingers facing Amputation from Lupus and smoking cigarettes.
Read the full story below
After: Hands and fingers completely healed
Read Sandra Halls amazing story below
After: Hands and fingers completely healed

Another True Testimony
All your products arrived and I already start using it. Doctors said I will be blind soon but...
but i started using the Himalayan wild Ransom and zoretol, today I still walk on both legs So I hope, using the Eye fitness plus for my eyes, that I will look this wonderful world with my both eyes. In this moment I'm in your hands and the hands of the Great Architect. This weekend we will move on our boat and we will sail on Serbia river until I can see. Surgery on my eyes will be in August. 
A. Baščarević Serbia 2-25-2014
Diabetes and High blood pressure destroy blood vessels by making blood vessels  narrow and restricted,  once blood flow is restricted skin tissue begin to decay and die(Gangrene), because blood nourishes the tissue.  The result's of restricted and narrow blood circulation are neuropathy, foot ulcers, foot sores , gangrene and ultimately amputation.

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A very emotional man who's mother died from a diabetic foot ulcer., he was now in the same situation.

No matter what hospital you go to, specialist, medication, or equipment, It all come's down to Blood flow and circulation. Hyperbaric chambers, Angioplasty, blood thinners and debridement are temporary solution at best and usually don't work. You need your blood vessels to open naturally and expand so blood can flow.

We have been successful in restoring blood flow and circulation in thousands of people from all over the world. 

Did you Know 
 Himalayan Wild Ransom causes restricted blood vessels to open and expand, allowing life giving oxygen rich blood to flow to your feet, toes and legs naturally without costly medication or surgery.
Once Blood flow & Circulation are restored, healing and recovery comes fast.

 Full Money Back Guarantee!

 The products does help my aunts and my mom with their diabetic conditions. Lots of improvement from the eye fitness plus,restoring back to their normal vision, the circulation oil helps restore sensation and blood circulation. The zoretol spray helps keep the skin clean from warts, bumps and redness. Their blood pressure have returned back to normal and also keeping their cholesterol level balanced.
Abu Bakar Farhan
Singapore 1-23-2016

  My Father in Laws Foot Sores
I am actually a living witness to the efficacy and potency of all your products. My father in-law who is diabetic lost one of his legs to amputation through diabetic fool ulcer about 10 years ago. However, sometimes last year I was having a chat with a friend and he informed me how he saved his father's leg from amputation through your medications. In truth, I doubted the story then and I really did not think much about it, because as a licensed Medical Doctor I thought it was impossible!
This year January 2016, the second leg of my father in-law (the only leg left after the first amputation he had 10 year ago) also became ulcerated and his Doctor tried to treat it but to no avail. After the failed treatment, his Doctor told him he had to amputate the second leg which means he would be left with no legs! It was at this time that I stepped in and told my family members to let us give your medication a try. As at that time, my father in-law has broken down in sadness and was always crying each and every day. 
I ordered your product from the US and it was delivered here to us. Meanwhile, we postponed the surgical amputation of his legs. After few days of starting your medications, my father in-law began to observe some differences as the foot ulcer which doctors could not treat started healing. To cut a long story short, the foot ulcer completely healed after about 12 weeks and he is doing very fine up till today. As for his Doctor, he is still asking for the miracle that made the ulcer heal. Right now my father in-law and is the happiest man in the world because his only leg was saved from amputation - all thanks to you and the Almighty God. I will send you a picture showing you before and after.
It was after that experience that I really became a believer of your products and hence the additional orders I just placed last week. I am a Medical Doctor and I would like to partner with you. In fact, based on what I saw with the efficacy and potency of your medications, I have decided to continue a research in Holistic Medicine and Alternative therapy, which I stopped sometimes back.

Dr Oyesaga Lagos Nigeria 2-15-2016

Doctor's Will chop you up piece by piece, it started with my mum toe's, then her legs then her other leg, I watch it happen to my mother we felt so helpless we were just trusting in the Doctor, we had tried so many things hyperbaric chamber, angioplasty, debridement, ointments, creams and nothing worked, when my father Start having foot sores we got started right away on the Kit B, what a huge difference it made, and today my father has both legs.
Ana predrac  Chicago 2-12-2015
Think for a Minute

Before: A 3yr old Diabetic Foot
Before: A 3yr old Diabetic Foot
Open Diabetic Foot swollen with puss, and Inflamed. This person could not walk without Pain for 3 years
After: Finally Closed, we are so Happy
Notice no Inflammation, swelling or puss. This wound closed and the customer was able to walk without pain. Blood flow and Circulation was the key. Senchi River Circulation Restorative & Himalayan Wild Ransom
After: Finally Closed, we are so Happy


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Diabetes is Killing You: What one lady decided to do about it.
Even the Doctor was surprised!


Before: My Fathers Diabetic foot infected for 3 years and would not heal, now facing a toe amputation.
Before: My Fathers Diabetic foot infected for 3 years and would not heal, now facing a toe amputation.
My Father had already lost his left foot before we found the Himalayan wild ransom and Zoretol Bacteria Fighter. We had tried everything, I was afraid, that he would lose both legs
After: My fathers Diabetic foot finally healed, we are so thankful.
I wish we had found you earlier, Now he is able to walk and enjoy his life with the grand children. Thank you so much, we owe you so much. The Himalayan Wild Ransom is truly a blessing I'm telling all my friends and family. We have finally found something that works after so many disappointing products. I can't find the words to say how much our family is so thankful our father is alive and doing well, because of the Himalayan Wild Ransom and Zoretol bacteria fighter. M.Gomez Los Angels 6-14-2014
After: My fathers Diabetic foot finally healed, we are so thankful.

This lady was so happy with the results,
 Full Money Back Guarantee!
  Lower your blood sugar level, 
 Improve your blood flow & Circulation.
Get Started today.

Before: Diabetic Gangrene Leg Ulcers
Before: Diabetic Gangrene Leg Ulcers
A open Diabetic Gangrene leg ulcer with puss, and dead tissue. After many visit to the Hospital ,This person was facing a leg a amputation up to the knee. They were discouraged and tired of having a Diabetic leg ulcer.
After: Blood Flow & Circulation was the Key.
This leg Ulcer completely healed after 47 days with the Senchi River Circulation Restorative, Himalayan wild ransom and Zoretol bacteria fighter combo. This family was very happy.
After: Blood Flow & Circulation was the Key.

Call and Get started
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How my grandfather avoided Gangrene amputation naturally
Testimony from a young teen about her grandfather avoiding amputation through natural herbs and remedies.

Sandy Halls Amazing Testimony
Before: Lupus Hands with Gangrene fingers due to poor circulation facing 3 finger amputation.
Before: Lupus Hands with Gangrene fingers due to poor circulation facing 3 finger amputation.
Below Read my Amazing Testimony

 Sandy Halls Testimony
My Doctor told me that I had gangrene in my left hand,
ring finger, and middle finger on my left hand had to be amputated because of cigarette smoking and Lupus.
I started using the wild ransom tea and the Truvaso by my own choice and against my doctors wish and was able to show just how great this product is.I have changed doctors not only my rheumatologist but my hand doctor as well and have found two doctors who are more open minded about treatments for their patients. I just wanted to tell you my story and have you see the pictures for yourself and proof of how well your product works. I will try to sum it up at this:
Himalayan wild ransom , Truvaso & Senchi River Circulation restorative made me a firm believer in your products. Anyone with , Lupus, or Poor Circulation I would highly recommend this products.
Sandy Hall, Antioch IL 10-2-2008

Testimony from A satisfied customer from England

Update:Dear Sir I  have been taking the Himalayan wild ransom 3powder 3 times a day as you recommended, and using the zoretol bacteria spray. The doctor now says he no longer has to amputate my foot because Iam now getting blood flow and circulation. thanks
R.Solanki Liverpool England 10-25-2013

Great Testimony from a satisfied
"I Must admit as first my sister and I were very skeptical. We had already been to so many Doctors and Hospitals we thought well if a trained Doctor could not save my moms Diabetic foot why should we believe you. But my sister said what do we have to lose, since moms wounds were getting worse. My sister talked me into it. Almost right away in a week we saw a change in the wounds.It took almost 2 months. Thank God for my sister our mom was able to lose only one toe instead of her whole leg to Gangrene"  Anna Los Angeles Ca 6-23-2015
"My sister was facing a leg amputation at the age of 68yrs old. We didnt know what to do and our funds were limited . We ordered the Kit B, her sores clreaed up and her circulation was back, to be honest we were totally surprised, but thankful
Mrs  V. Hervy  Fort Wayne Texas 4-23-2015

*Free Shipping in the U.S*
If you are not 100% Satisfied simply return


                    My Feet Started Turning Black                                                     
My Feet started turning black, and I didn't know what to do. I found the Himalayan wild ransom and limb savers circulation oil and got started. Within 3 weeks the color of my feet turned back to its normal color also it didn't hurt to walk on my feet so I was able to get back to church.
 Vera Muller  10-11-1999

Dear Sirs, I am a diabetic for 35 years and I start to use your products 2006.That was a moment when I had a gas gangrene.I heal my leg 14 days after.I was using circulation oil and Himalayan wild ransom and never stop using that ( I still use it for protection)It is very hard to provide your products here in Serbia(our friend brings it to us ones a year in big quantities). Thank you  Aleksandar Serbia 2012

I Almost Lost my Leg
The doctor wanted to amputate my leg. I work everyday and this was not an option. I found your products the Zoretol Bacteria Fighter , Senchi River Circulation Restorative and Himalayan Wild Ransom . I started using the Zoretol on my Diabetic foot. I sprayed the zoretol on a bandage and took 1 tablespoon of the Senchi River Circulation Restorative 4 times a day and went to work. Now I can say all my ulcers are closed and healed and I still have my job.
 Dr. B.G Love Baton Rouge LA 1-23-2009
Dear Healthy Habits Herbs, How are you. Just to inform you that I have received the Products on time. And we have started, and can already see positive results in just a few days.Thanks for the Senchi River Circulation Restorative(as gift). It will help her a lot, God willing,there are thousands of Diabetic persons in Kuwait, maybe cause of Diet & lifestyle.The Hospitals are full with people with Diabetes sores and severe cases of feet & legs problems and Gangrene. I will definitely spread the info about your Products among people here.Wishing you more success & prosperity, May you keep helping suffering people always.
Regards & God Bless, Shams & Family Kuwait 2010
Call 707-428-0738
"I Marvel that society would pay a surgeon thousands of dollars to amputate a foot
but nothing to save it"
 George Bernard Shaw
 Customers who want to order the products in U.S Virgin Islands, St Thomas, St Croix, Bahamas, St Johns Can find the products in St Thomas atEssential Health Food Store Call 1-340-473-7507, or Call
Ras Bobby Herbal Productsin 
St Thomas at 1 340-643-2372

Caution: Not recommend for Pregnant women and children. Side effect may include slight burning sensation that only last for a few seconds due to open wounds and exposed nerves.This statement has not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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